Plymouth Art Center Concept

Architectural design concept for an Art Center in Downtown Plymouth, Michigan.

This concept blends two ideas:

  • Automotive Spirit – A celebration of the site’s previous use.
  • The Artistic Spark – The birth of an idea culminating in the transfer of energy between neurons.

The design also includes the following features:

  • Automated Underground parking system with space for 13 vehicles.
  • Multiple Art Studios – Jewelry, Weaving, Ceramic, Paint, Digital
  • Observation Room
  • Lecture Space
  • 5 Loft Apartments

Southwest Detroit – Urban Design Analysis and Concept

The following are various diagrams and drawings created to study the impact of the current Urban Design in Southwest Detroit. Antinodes discovered during this study would be potential sites for urban development and interconnection.

A section of site located in the Mexican Town District of Detroit. Featuring the I-75 pedestrian bridge.