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Custom Xmas Ornament

A festive, multi-color ornament featuring a custom monogram centerpiece and independently spinning rings.

Light Box Mounting Brackets

3D Printed Mounting Brackets for routing strip LEDs in a custom light box assembly. Design by Mechaprint Prototyping. Printed in Silver PLA YouTube Link:

Bonsai Tree – Adirondack Chairs

Miniature Adirondack chairs compliment the setting of this Bonsai tree. To refine the outdoor scene, future updates will include an end table and shade umbrella. Design: Adirondack Chair by moutoun, This and other miniature models can be produced to enhance your Bonsai project. If you are new to bonsai or are looking to learn…
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Customized Vase

Look at this vase! – An original piece for holding whatever you want. Design by Mechaprint Prototyping

18 Volt Battery Pack

A low-cost solution to an expensive battery problem. The combination of parallel and series wiring delivers a compact electrical source that is both powerful and long lasting. Design by Mechaprint Prototyping Multiple packs of this design were used to power firing boxes in the 2018 Royal Forest Firework show. Rear more about the show and…
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Portable Vacuum Forming Machine

This conceptual design could allow one to create vacuum formed parts almost anywhere. Features a modest build area while small enough to fit into a briefcase! Source File Credit: Handle ( by j0s3b4 Bowden bracket for FT-5 (5mm bowden version) ( by jterranella

HEPA Filter Assembly

3D Printed components for the filter project. Utilizes a standard Roomba filter pack, silica gel pellets, and activated carbon. Compact, simple, and 12v. HEPA Filter for 3D Printer by jmillerfo –

Cellular Lamp

A different kind of decor, complimented rather nicely by LED under lighting. Cellular Lamp by nervoussystem –

Soldering Fingers

When the cat uses the new 3D mouse as a chew toy, this is just the tool you need! Soldering Fingers by mistertech –

Sugar Bowl

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and now grabbing that spoonful is easier than ever. Sugar Bowl – Printed in White PLA – Design By nevaneva []