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Playstation 4 Gamepad Brackets

A dead gamepad battery isn’t going to do you any good. Keep everything organized and prepared with these wall mount brackets. Playstation 4 Gamepad Wall Stand / Mount printed in Red PLA – Designed by Chattel []

Rainbow Dash Costume

Wings and Glowing Ears for Serenity’s Rainbow Dash costume. Specs: Printed at 200 microns with Light Blue & Black PLA 2x 2032 Coin Batteries 2x Adafruit Diffused 5mm Slow Fade Flashing RGB LEDs Digital Base Models: Assembly Design by MechaPrint Prototyping My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic models, subdivided twice – by Bluebie MLP…
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Hard Disk Adapter

For that old PC case that doesn’t ever seem to have enough room. HDD Adapter 2.5 or 3.5 to 5.25” by mucky

T-Rex Skull

A detailed T-Rex Skull! T-Rex Skeleton – Leo Burton Mount found on #Thingiverse

Tea Light Holders

3D Printed Tea Light holders make a unique and interesting gift! Printed in Silver PLA – Design – Ribbled Tealight Holder by Lars Dedobbeleer –

Raspberry Pi 3 Case

A stylish upgrade for an already versatile device! RPi3 – Case Design by 0110-M-P – Fan Grill Design by Mchaos –

Owl Pen Holder

An original creation for your desk. Printed in Silver PLA – Design 1 – Owl Pen Holder / Tools Holder by shiuan – – Design 2 – Double Spiral Ballpoint Pen Body by benbrandt22 –

X-Wing Miniatures Accessories

Additional Status Tokens and movement rulers were created as a more durable alternative to the stock versions. Printed in White PLA and Crystal Series Orange PLA – Design 1: X-Wing Movement Rulers by L3WD – – Design 2: X-Wing TMG Tokens by ivnlr – Read more about the board game here:

Moby Whale

A software developer based out of Seattle, WA, sports this minimalist whale as a company mascot! Visit them here: Printed in White PLA – Design – Moby Whale by Moby_Inc –

Plymouth Art Center Concept

Architectural design concept for an Art Center in Downtown Plymouth, Michigan. This concept blends two ideas: Automotive Spirit – A celebration of the site’s previous use. The Artistic Spark – The birth of an idea culminating in the transfer of energy between neurons. The design also includes the following features: Automated Underground parking system with…
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